Sam Abadir is a practicing IP lawyer and software engineer.  Prior to co-founding appMobi, he worked for Concurrent, a leading company in the Video On Demand (VOD) market, as a legal and technical consultant. Sam is a seasoned entrepreneur, having founded two other companies, LiquidSite and Zelo Technologies, which developed super-scalable file systems for video and rich media. Sam served as Zelo’s CEO and was able to raise $5m in venture funding, post 2000 crash, recruiting a high-powered board and executive management team.  Zelo was able to assemble a world class technology team exclusively from Harvard, MIT, and Cal Tech.  Sam is a graduate of MIT with a BS in Math, and from the MIT Sloan School with a BS in Operations Management.  Sam also received a JD with distinction from the University of Iowa School of Law.  Sam is also chairman of appMobi’s board of directors.