Kevin SmithKevin Smith (@KJSmith87) hit the ground running as the Communications Director for the PA Breast Cancer Coalition when he graduated from Elizabethtown College in May 2010. He is responsible for spreading of breast cancer awareness around the state through multiple channels. Kevin is directly responsible for the nonprofit’s social media, website, advertising and media relations.

Throughout his college career, Kevin held various internships at Hershey Entertainment and Resorts, the PA Breast Cancer Coalition and Elizabethtown College. Upon graduation, Kevin and his partner Stephen Juliano (@StephenJuliano) started a consulting business that assists other small businesses with web and social media needs. Social Media Junkies has worked with the Incorporated Village of Port Jefferson, the Elizabethtown College Communications Department, T.J. Rockwell’s restaurants and other community initiatives.

He has a knack for all things social but by no means portrays himself as an expert. When not working for a state wide nonprofit or helping other small businesses with their marketing needs, Kevin enjoys taking walks with Stephen and Gavin (@GavinTheDawg), their equally as social dog.