Joanna PhillipsJoanna Phillips is the Marketing & Social Media Manager for Phillips Foods and Seafood Restaurants. A fourth-generation member of the family-owned seafood business, Joanna is bringing the brand into the social age.  She is responsible for developing the social media strategy across multiple avenues of business, including restaurants and retail, and for creating compelling content to keep the Phillips customer engaged.  Outside of her specific social media responsibilities, Joanna handles a variety of other marketing projects, including sales material development, website management, customer communications and public relations.  She has been living back in the United States for the past year, after three years spent working in the United Kingdom for the company’s European foodservice distribution arm.  Next on the horizon—launching a Phillips Seafood blog to give an insider view of the company’s high-volume seafood restaurants and to help consumers gain a better understanding of how to incorporate healthy seafood into their at-home menus.