Ed MartinDirector, Marketing Excellence and Corporate Social Responsibility Insights,

The Hershey Company


  • Pause to Support a Cause
  • Research Without Limits

Ed has also held key positions in other Fortune 500 organizations including:

  • The Kellogg Company
  • Coca-Cola
  • Citigroup
  • Ford Motor Company

Martin has served as an advisor to the Millennium Project and the ambassador of Uganda and has served on many advisory boards/advisory roles over the years including; Qindred Foundation, Health Store Foundation, Malaria Foundation, Health People in the S. Bronx, World Serve International, Harvard AIDS Prevention Project, University of Wisconsin Neilsen Center, EMU International Business Advisory Board, Medical Institute, Haiti Midwives Initiative,  www.looktothestars.org and  many others.

Ed also Co-Chaired the 2010 Parade All American Volunteering Initiative at the White House and has been elected to the executive board of the Congressional Committee for Adoption (ccainstitute.org) and the Marketing Committee of Make a Wish Foundation.

Martin also serves as Senior Advisor to CEO Chicken Soup For the Soul and works closely with key foundations such as Doug Pitts Care to Learn Foundation, Leeza Gibbons, Leezasplace.org, William Morris Endeavor Foundation along with many others.

Eds focus is “Business Innovation win/win models” to tap into the trillions of dollars spent in global business and to drive funding into poverty, health, education, environment etc – – all in a sustainable ways – as companies make more money by helping those in need.