The Real Power of Social Media at Work 2012

Sep 13, 2012

By Anne Deeter Gallaher @AnneDGallaher

What’s the impact of one new idea? As Apple unveiled the iPhone 5, it was reported that Steve Jobs’s iPhone “idea” has the potential to move GDP by $3.2 billion in the fourth quarter—from projected sales! (The Wall Street Journal, “Sometimes, One Little Phone Can Have a Big Impact on the Economy,” 9.11.12)

Social Media at Work 2012, on October 17, doesn’t promise an immediate boost to GDP; but we do promise access to digital knowledge, social media pathways, and the people who are revolutionizing communications and digitization.

We’re bringing together some incredible talent to provide every opportunity for new ideas to flourish, new skills to be mastered, and deliver immediate ROI to every attendee. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the personal connections made in the room. Connections that have the potential to increase your company’s bottom line.

Featuring 17 marketing, media, and executives as well as two international keynoters, this day will deliver practical insights on Facebook and Twitter, social media policies, marketing strategies, mobile marketing, and how your business can harness these newfound powers.

Why is this professional development day critical to your business? We’ll let the presenters tell you.

  • Dan Christ - Social Media at Work“Networking online is incredibly powerful, but only by making face-to-face, one-to-one connections can you realize its full potential. Social Media at Work gives central Pennsylvania’s savvy tech and marketing sectors a unique chance to meet published authors and recognized social media authorities. It is a day you truly do not want to miss.”
    – Dan Christ, The Patriot-News @DanChristPN

  • Amy D. Howell - Social Media at Work“Why would I fly to Harrisburg from Memphis to meet and share social media strategies with strangers? Because nothing trumps in-real-life connections. I’ve worked with several of Harrisburg’s social media business leaders, and I know the caliber and influence of the presenters and keynotes! It’s a privilege to join them for a day of ideas and influence! In traditional and social media, the endgame is to move the bottom line—for our clients and ourselves.”
    – Amy Howell, Howell Marketing Strategies @HowellMarketing
  • Marisa S. Corser - Social Media at Work“With a Beginner and an Advanced Track, Social Media at Work 2012 offers social media advice for both novices and sage practitioners. The #1 reason to attend? It’s the opportunity to rub elbows with conference presenters, facilitators, and attendees who are serious online influencers.”
    – Marisa Corser, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC @MarisaCorser


  • “I am constantly amazed by the generosity of social leaders and their willingness to share valuable, hard-won knowledge and information, both virtually, and in the real world for the sheer love of learning and good storytelling! #SMatwork2012 is a wonderful opportunity to tap into the wisdom of the many outstanding communicators from across North America, who will converge on Harrisburg for a jam-packed day full of learning, laughing and making friends. #Smatwork2012 is a low-cost, high impact way to make the MOST of your social life and work. See you there, can’t wait!”
    – Deborah Weinstein, Strategic Objectives @DebWeinstein
  • Matt Hannaford - Social Media at Work“Adding social media to your business is a no-brainer in today’s economy, but what exactly does that mean? At Social Media at Work 2012, you’ll find not only expert advice for advanced users, but basic instruction as well. No matter your level of use, it is going to be a day well spent.”
    – Matt Hannaford, Clear Channel Communications @MHannaford


  • “Social Media at Work offers the opportunity to learn by doing. This one day is packed with enough knowledge and tips to keep beginners and advanced professionals busy for months. If you’re just starting out with social media in your marketing mix, or you’re established and looking for the next strategy to reach your consumer-engagement goals, #SMatWork12 will give you the tools to make the right decisions.”
    – Kevin Smith, Central Penn College @KJSmith87
  • Kathy Snavely - Social Media at Work“The digital expertise available at this conference is simply awesome. This is THE Central PA event to jumpstart your social media presence and gain hands-on information that you can put to work immediately.  Whether you’re a wanna-be or a seasoned pro, if you want to increase your power in the marketplace, join us for a phenomenal Return on Influence.”
    – Kathy Snavely, Lightkeeper Consulting @ProfS

  • Andrea Bartman - Social Media at Work“There are so many ways you can go wrong with social media. Join us in Harrisburg to learn how to avoid common pitfalls and make the most out of business-related social media!”
    – Andrea Bartman, Snyder’s-Lance Inc. @Snyders_Hanover

  • Glen Gilmore, Esq. - Social Media at Work“As a social media strategist, attorney, and digital marketing professor, I’m going to share what I can to help businesses and non-profits leverage this medium to make meaningful and sustainable connections. And to understand how to do so without stepping on legal landmines.” – Glen Gilmore, Gilmore Business Network @GlenGilmore


  • Kathleen Pavelko - Social Media at Work“Last year’s Social Media at Work 2012 was provocative and inspiring. My team and I networked furiously! Now it’s your turn to get connected and inspired this year—and I’m honored to be facilitating a session.”
    – Kathleen A. Pavelko, WITF Inc. @KPav

  • Ryan T. Sauers - Social Media at Work“Social Media at Work is a can’t-miss event. Leaders from various industries converge and share how theory and application meet in our rapidly changing world. You will leave with tangible takeaways that you can use right away. If you want to preview what 2013 and beyond will look like—don’t miss catching a glimpse of it in 2012.”
    – Ryan T. Sauers, Sauers Consulting Strategies @RyanSauers


  • Mark W. Schaefer - Social Media at Work“If you don’t know what you’re doing, trying to market your business through social media can be a frustrating, budget-busting time suck. So do it right by learning from those in the trenches every day at Harrisburg’s Social Media At Work 2012.”
    – Mark W. Schaefer, Schaefer Marketing Solutions @MarkWSchaefer


  • Claudia M. Williams - Social Media at Work“For as many individuals and businesses who use social media for work-related purposes, there are few who have a good, comprehensive policy which governs the use of social media at work.   With the National Labor Relations Board cracking down on the policies that come across their desk, it’s important to know what should—and what should NOT—be in social media policies. This is more than just updating a company handbook; this is about monitoring your professional image in an environment where technology is always ten steps ahead.”
    – Claudia M. Williams, Esq., Rhoads & Sinon @CMWilliamsEsq

We look forward to new conversations with lots of new people who have big ideas! See you on October 17!

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Kathy Snavely (@ProfS)
September 14, 2012 5:44 pm

Wow – all this power, I may just have to register again!!!


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