Takeaways from the Mobile Marketing and Apps Panel at #SMatWork

Oct 21, 2011

Mobile Marketing and App Panel with Sam Abadir, Kevin Smith, Alan Brocious, and Andrew Dymski at the Harrisburg Social Media Club's Social Media at Work conference at the Hilton Harrisburg on October 19, 2011. This week I had the privilege of facilitating the Mobile Marketing and Apps panel for the Harrisburg Social Media Club’s Social Media at Work conference at the Hilton Harrisburg.  Our mobile experts were Alan Brocious (@AlanBR82), Kevin Smith (@KJSmith87), and Sam Abadir (@AppMobi).

The panel shared some great takeaways for business owners to quickly take advantage of the rapid shift in consumer behavior toward mobile.

Kevin started our discussion by sharing the importance for businesses to install and understand Google Analytics on their websites.  He stated that it is a new business reality for businesses to understand when and why customers are visiting your site.  After looking at the pages being viewed through mobile browsers, businesses can see which pages need to be optimized for mobile viewing.  There isn’t a need to add your entire website’s content in the mobile version, as long as there is an option for viewers to view the normal site.

Alan says that the future of mobile is your website.

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It is also important to add a call button to your mobile site.  This is something that is fairly easy to accomplish with some simple code or through a WordPress plugin.  When a customer views your site on a mobile phone, it’s likely they are looking for a way to contact your business, so make the information prominent.  Also make sure that your hours of operation are easy to locate.

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Customers aren’t merely going to your website from their mobile device, they are also active on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and other social sites.   This trend presents business owners with an unprecedented opportunity to directly engage with customers and their friend networks.  Reward loyalty with coupons, reward a group of friends with group discounts, and you can even turn a dissatisfied customer’s negative experience into a positive one that he will share with his friends. All of these situations can be accomplished withtools found on Facebook or Foursquare.

Responsiveness is critical when engaging with customers on mobile.  If there is a comment shared or a question asked, customers expect a reply.  And soon.

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Sam shared an example of a company that understands the impact of mobile devices on the consumer decision-making process.  Best Buy has trained its employees to approach customers in their stores whom they notice using mobile phones to do a price check online.  They greet the customer and say, “If you find that product for a lower price, at a different store, we will match it.”  What a great example of customer service, even before the sale.

Hope these tips help you give your customers a better mobile experience. For a full transcript of the Mobile App and the four other panels at Social Media at Work, check out #SMatWork on Twitter. Thanks to everyone who attended Social Media at Work and for the hard work of the members of the Harrisburg Social Media Club.


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