In Social Media, Everyone’s in Sales

Sep 27, 2011

As the title states, in the world of Social Media, Everyone Is in Sales.  You say, “Wait, I’m not in sales.”  Is this not what some of you think? For example, you might be thinking– salespersons are those individuals that “over promote” their products and services on social media or the ones who join online groups and pitch/hard-sell you their offerings. Trust me, nobody wants to be stuck in that type of relationship. So, you may be thinking, Ryan, you are right… this is not me—so I am not in sales.  Well these descriptions might not be you, but guess what…you are still in sales.

Everyone Is in Sales in Social Media because we are all “attempting” to communicate our message.  Some people do it better than others. So, let me let you in on my secret. I am reframing the word sales to mean in social media everyone is in communications.  It is about actively listening. It is about transparency and trust.  It centers on being authentic and being heard clearly, consistently, and concisely amidst all of the noise. When you have information that you seek to share with others, you are trying to “sell” your thoughts, ideas, and beliefs.

If something is important to you, don’t you try to express it to others? After all, this is the entire idea of social media with its sense of wide-open and global community. In all aspects of our life we are trying to “sell/communicate” certain messages to others. Don’t you agree? I think you would all give me a virtual “head nod.” Oops…I was selling.  J This blog post is simply a good way to get you thinking about this subject.

Remember being good in “sales/communications” in social media means you are not focused on sharing how great your company is but about listening and engaging with others.  It is about new ways you can bring solutions to your clients.  It’s not about how much time you enjoy being online but very much about making every online encounter a valuable, unique and meaningful experience.  We all do these things and want these things, right?

So, from the Boardroom to the Breakroom, in the world of Social Media, Everyone’s in Sales.  I am writing a book on this subject due out later this year.  So, this gives you a sneak peak of part of the book.  I welcome your feedback, and we are offering pre-order discounts. See, we are always selling.

Ryan T. Sauers

Ryan T. Sauers

Ryan T. Sauers is President of Sauers Consulting Strategies. He has spent nearly 20 years leading companies in the visual communications industry. He is working on a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and is both a Certified Meyers Briggs Practitioner and Certified Marketing Executive. Ryan writes and speaks about sales, marketing, communications, and leadership in many media outlets and industry conferences. His provides new ways for organizations to position themselves. Sauers is an adjunct college professor and his book Everyone Is in Sales is in publication.


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